What to Say!

This week was not a particularly eventful week whatsoever – I just felt pretty lazy all around and had a hard time motivating myself to do much.

I had my weekly weigh-in on Wednesday, and I am still not seeing results – I am stuck in a rut where I am up a pound, down a pound. It has bothered me all week – and also ruined my attitude towards exercising the past few days. I worked from home on Wednesday and went to the gym in the morning, and worked hard on my legs. On Thursday, I had some serious muscle aches, and on Friday I just felt like giving up. I keep trying to tell myself it’s not about the number on the scale, but let’s face it – the number on the scale is a pretty good measure of weight loss. I’d say I’ve been eating well 80% of the time at least, and exercising on a regular basis – with changes in my routine like different forms of cardio, weight lifting and stretching. I feel like I can see results in the mirror, and in the way some of my clothes fit.. But I really want to see the scale show the same results for longer than a one week period!

Today my future sister-in-law and her other bridesmaids went to the store where we planned to get our dresses. I wasn’t feeling awful about the way I looked at all, but I still feel down about the scale. I am trying to keep my chin up though, I have taken today off as another “get your head fixed” day and hope that will help me feel less discouraged this week. Who knows.

I’ve also gotten into my obsession that shows up every 2-3 months of really, really wanting to buy a condo. There are so many nice condos/townhouses going up in the area, and I have a bad habit of fixating on my nest age, trying to budget every cent I spend, and being angry for not living at home longer. I am also trying to find other ways to make money (legal ways only!) – but I’ve already kiboshed most ideas that involve talent like making things, and teaching people things, because the only talent I possess is meritocracy.

My budget tracking is going well so far, not that I am saving any more or less money yet – just trying to identify where all my money is going.

Welp, time to take off my sad pants and have a fresh start with a positive attitude tomorrow when the sun rises.


Monopoly is Back!

Since I started drinking McDonalds coffee on a regular basis, I have yet to really hunker down and participate in the good old game of Monopoly. Yesterday the McD’s line up was too long for my liking (since I got into work later than usual), so I skipped the line and went over to Tim Horton’s instead.

Well today my friends, I got in the McD’s line so I could start doing all things Monopoly. My medium coffee has already won me a free muffin, yahoo!


I will own the board!

Back to the Grind

Well today started off on the wrong foot, but not all that bad – I set my alarm on Sunday night for 5:00pm instead of 5:00am. I woke up wondering why my neighbour was making all kinds of noise before I was awake (I think I’m the first one up in the building).. I got up and walked into the kitchen and saw the time.. 6:20! A whole hour and twenty minutes of glorious sleep-in time by accident. It was a good thing that I showered the night before!

I went to Body Pump tonight, and my arms are killing me now. Also – I have a pretty serious injury from doing burpees this weekend with weights..

As you can see, this is a pretty serious injury.

As you can see, this is a pretty serious injury.

My thumb must have raked the carpet on Saturday, and I further aggravated it by raking it against the carpet on Sunday. Real smart – nothing that a Band-Aid can’t hold up!

I also started a new book to get me through commuting – I go through phases with reading on the GO Train and zoning out and/or people watching.

Wouldja look at that thumb!

Wouldja look at that thumb!

My dad unloaded a bunch of business books on me since my parents are moving at the end of the month. I’m trying to get through some of them – I figured learning how to be a better negotiator would be a good start. So far, I’m finding it to be one of those books where the information seems to be common-sense for the most part.. But I’m only 40 pages in, so hopefully it gets better.

Looking forward to a good week ahead!